Night Train Productions

 Visceral, stripped-back storytelling theatre


2014, Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre WA

“Stunning adaptation…Bower’s theatre craft shines through...” The Australian.

"Wish is extraordinary theatre…” Aussie Theatre.

"A journey of discovery… riveting to watch.” Xpress Magazine.

"A fascinating, special and truly captivating piece of theatre." Stage Whispers.

“The use of physical theatre is stunning…” Out In Perth.

“A masterful storyteller with the ability to create simple theatre...” The Guardian.


Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Proximity Festival 2013

‘Ascending a tightly spiraled staircase and then blindfolded and led to a chair, I was thoroughly disorientated...Humphrey Bower’s mellifluous voice came from a corner – “Do you know why you’re here?” I was simply drawn in to the spell of the voice, now closer, now further away….While led around the “house”, still blindfolded, Bower’s Asterion came alive and real...’ Arts Hub.

‘Out of this world!’


‘A sad palace of endless corridors…’

Patron feedback, Proximity Festival 2013.


PICA, Fringe World, 2013

‘The quality of Humphrey Bower’s monologues is renowned…the storyline…is filled with unexpected twists…Danielle Micich…is wonderful…the couple build up a wonderful atmosphere as their bodies intertwine…excellent visuals by Ashley de Prazer…all of the senses were stimulated…exceptional quality…’ Theatre Australia.

The Blue Room Theatre, 2012

‘Addressing themes both intensely personal – the questioning and transformation of self-identity – and broadly social – the potential for conflict and understanding between different cultural groups – Humphrey Bower has created an absorbing performance… Bower had the audience hooked from the moment he sauntered on to the smoke-filled stage…’ Australian Stage.

‘The production’s shifts are simple and effective, there is no smoke and mirrors, no fancy set changes, just solid, controlled shifts occurring before our eyes…Bower transforms the entire room, not just the stage, … he holds the audiences captive.’ Cool Perth Nights.

‘On a stage devoid of scenery or props –  other than a chair – Andrew Lake’s lighting created a dozen ‘visible’ streets, a nightclub, a starlit bedroom, they all came alive…musician Leon Ewing was Rod Stewart one minute, and the whispering sounds of the desert next… Humphrey Bower managed to portray a dozen very different characters, with a variety of accents including passages of Wangai…as he slinked, crawled, danced, ran, cowered, all beautifully choreographed by Sue Peacock… the two beautifully told tales were filled with excitement, laughs, sadness and suspense…’ Theatre Australia.

2011, Blue Room Theatre

‘The best Blue Room show for a couple of years…the audience sat in awe…everyone left the theatre totally blown away. I can guarantee that you will never have seen a show like this…’ Theatre Australia.

‘A strongly realised piece, with excellent performances from both its actors… Bower is a born storyteller… Micich is compelling as Eliza…’ The West Australian.

‘Playwright and performer Humphrey Bower’s Wish…is compelling from its opening scene. A visual and aural feast composed of sign language, speech and poignant song… The staging is neat yet clever, with Bower’s powerhouse performance central to the audience’s engagement…Micich is physically eloquent and mesmerising as Wish…The live acoustic guitar played by Leon Ewing underscores and compliments the play’s emotional terrain… we are moved countless times by the beauty of the language, the visual dexterity of Auslan, and the complexity of the play’s themes… This profound story is beautifully told, and I encourage everyone to see it. Wish is essential viewing.’ ArtsHub.


La Mama, Carlton Courthouse, 2008

‘A mysterious, atmospheric and mature production. It credits the audience with intelligence…and it showcases two very gifted performers. It also deliciously reinvigorates the venerable storytelling tradition.’ Australian Stage.

‘Two minutes into the show, nobody in the audience was breathing anymore. That theatre hypnosis, that sense of acutely aware immersion into unreality, descended upon us more completely than I had ever felt before…it brought a classic alive, in the way I never thought possible…’  LiveJournal.

La Mama, Carlton Courthouse, 2008

‘A compelling exploration of good and evil…a performance on the edge of the abyss, framed by stunning music and artwork.’ Herald Sun.

‘A hypnotic journey through what’s left of the soul…Humphrey Bower is extraordinary.’ The Age.

‘A fable for our times…a masterwork of theatre craft.’ Real Time.